Inspiring colour

I mentioned in my last post that a purple flower in my backyard inspired the initial thought to create my Cyclones painting (which is still in progress, painting day tomorrow!).  This is that flower. It is a rannunculus (think Poppy), one of the first to bloom in our veggie garden (yes, we have flowers in our veggie garden, makes it look pretty :D).  I didn’t know they came in this colour and I was quite entranced with its iridescent blue-purple. In fact Cyclones would have been based on purples if I had actually had some purple pastels, a lacking which I fixed during the week ($4.50 per pastel, ouch).

So in the meantime, while I finish my cyclone painting (and likely start on the Colour Challenge painting), I thought I would post the piccies I took of the flower before the weather totally destroyed it (its a little ratty already).  I know I’m likely to get some more inspiration off it, so I thought I’d share ::grin::

Enjoy its purply goodness and its miriad shades to blue.

(definitely painting day tomorrow, rain, shine, or tanting 2 year old)


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  1. Sewing Daisies Avatar
    Sewing Daisies

    Stunning colour (flower & photography)…I would love to have bedlinen in this colour!

  2. Thankyou 😀 I just love its intensity.

    (sucker for a brilliant colour)

  3. Arrietty Avatar


  4. Arrietty! ::bouncehug::