I did painting today! Got the easel out and everything! I am an artist type ::grin::  It’s not finished, but I’m happy with what I managed to achieve 😀
Dragged out the pastels I spent so much money on several years ago and started playing with line and shape. I started with a very vague flower and just drew. I had no idea where I was going and still don’t really, I just drew. I chose blues because there is a purple flower in our backyard that I liked the colour of and I’ve been using a lot of red and green lately (and I need to buy some purple pastels) and a change is as good as a holiday. Also, because I couldn’t put my pastel collection down within reach of little KJ, I was restricted to the colours I could hold in one hand. So a little bit of a challenge.

Of course, because Mummy was using pastels, KJ had to use some too and being the arty little two year old she is, she made cake ::grin::

She’s the one who said it was cake 😀



4 responses to “Cyclones”

  1. cyclones and cakes
    what a great mother daughter creative playtime in the back yard

  2. Gumnut Avatar

    It was a great day. KJ ended up covered in black pastel and it was straight into the bath for her before anything else that night.

    Thanks for watching 😀

    (who managed some more work on her painting today and is really happy with it so far)

  3. Concetta Avatar

    That's beautiful. I love swirls. I keep coming back to them in my mosaic (bummer cos they are hard to do well in mosaics!). Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog…means a lot to me :)Good to 'meet' you xx

  4. Gumnut Avatar

    I'm just high on colour and discovering a new way to do art (for me). I'm still working on this piece and it is still evolving.

    I definitely have mosaics on my list for learning as I've had an idea for a piece for years now. I have no idea whether I'd be able to ever pull it off, but I will learn enough to attempt it one day 😀

    Thanks for visiting my blog 😀 I'm new on the block and still getting to know my way around.

    Looking forward to reading more about you and your creations.

    (all enthusiastic)