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  • P is for Passion (and Pastels)

    How do you describe passion in art? How do you see it in a work? It is easy for me to see in writing. The words grab you and sweep you off to the world they are weaving…but art…how do I put passion into my art?

  • Mermaids: a venture into fantasy

    Mermaids: a venture into fantasy

    My daughter is obsessing about mermaids at the moment. They are a fascinating topic for a four year old and as I’ve been meaning to do some artwork for her room for several years now, I thought they would make a fun subject. Which is okay, except for the fact that I haven never really…

  • My art journalling attempt

    My art journalling attempt

    This week I’m posting my first attempts at art journalling. This is something I’ve wanted to try for some time, but I’m finding it hard to actually do. I’ve done art all my life, but beyond the sketching I did as a child, it has always been to draw up to a fianl piece…you know,…