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  • Swainsonia formosa

    Swainsonia formosa

    Prepping to create a stamp from an old drawing of mine. This sketch is that old it predates my Gumnut moniker… which is decades old.

  • Inktober 2017

    Inktober 2017

    Yes, I’m making the attempt!

  • Speeding up the painting

    Speeding up the painting

    After a long drought on the painting scene (I’ve been beading instead), I finally jumped back into my acrylics with a couple of little paintings.

  • Hands number six and seven

    This post follows on from 100 hands and, funnily enough, has more hands 😀

  • Scribbling dragons

    This week’s sketching has been revolving around finding a new dragon to paint.

  • The Case of the Annoying Portrait

    This is a story of a portrait that just wouldn’t behave.

  • Guess who?

    . Work in progress ::grin:: Guess who? 😀 Playing with my watercolours. It is always good to test out a new medium with a portrait 😀 Liz

  • Playing with watercolours and fog

    An attempt at a foggy forest. Watercolour on A4 watercolour paper. A good exercise in atmospheric perspective and despite a few faults, I’m quite happy with it. Just need to remember watercolour works light to dark in contrast to acrylics which work dark to light (and are much more forgiving).

  • Kookaburra

    Kwik and kwirky tonight. This be a kookaburra. This be an earworm to any and all Aussies (and, according to Wikipedia, a good percentage of the world at large). ‘Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree Merry, merry, king of the bush is he. Laugh, kookaburra, laugh, kookaburra, Gay your life must be.’ And the…

  • Just draw.

    I recently finished an eight week drawing course – Creative Drawing with Lauryn Arnott at Gallery One. I enjoyed it and really found it worthwhile, and it has certainly affected my current art direction. I originally chose it because I desperately needed to continue some regular art practise with other people. I spent a year…