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  • Welcome to my new website

    Welcome to my new website

    It was time to overhaul my old website as its infrastructure needed updating, so I took the opportunity to reinvent the whole site. This is still a work in progress and things are still a little clunky, but I wanted to open the ability to post regularly to my site before everything was 100%. So…

  • J is for Jewels

    J is for Jewels

    Jewels, glass beads, rhinestones or whatever you would like to call little bits of shiny glass, they are something I’ve had a recent interest in gluing to my artwork. It started with a handmade book I made for my eldest daughter.

  • Mixed media – paint and beads

    Mixed media – paint and beads

    I haven’t had much time this week (story of my life on all fronts), but I have done a little work on KJ’s accordian book. The insides have been started and I have continued working on the covers, for the first time truly branching into mixed media as I’ve added some beads.

  • Handmade accordian books

    Handmade accordian books

    I’ve found a new interest – handmade books. In particular, for the moment, accordian books. Along side this discovery I’ve also discovered handcarved stamps and heavily layered work (something I’ve admired a lot recently, but haven’t really tried much myself).