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  • S is for Stencil

    I had a good time playing around in my journal and talking art today. Of course, instead of tackling my planned blog topic for today which had been ‘sgraffito’, I contented myself with playing with yesterday’s embossing and stencilling experiments and arranging them in my journal.

  • R is for Rubbing and Recycling

    R is for Rubbing and Recycling

    Several days ago I was rifling through the Net looking for a way to make my own stencils. My sister has been experimenting with stencils and moulding paste and has gotten some interesting results, so I wanted to try it out for myself. But although I have a handful of stencils here, mostly lettering stencils,…

  • E is for Emboss

    E is for Emboss

    I saw the word ’emboss’ and thought, hey, I bought some embossing tools awhile back. I think I’ll have a play.