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  • Inspired people – Trish Ward

    Inspired people – Trish Ward

    This week we have the wonderfully witty Trish Ward. Unlike the majority of people I meet online, Trish lives not only on the same continent as me, but actually just down the road. It is fantastic to have her close by and we met for the first time just last week. Trish paints, writes (one…

  • Inspired People – Drew Harrison addendum

    Inspired People – Drew Harrison addendum

    In my introduction to Drew, I mentioned one of his paintings that I refer to as ‘the frog’. That is totally not its title, but Drew was kind enough to send me an image of this painting so I could share it with all of you. Absolutely stunning work, the kind that reduces me to…

  • Inspired people – Drew Harrison

    Inspired people – Drew Harrison

    This week I’m honoured to present Drew Harrison, an award winning professional artist I met while he was hosting an art group at the WEA (an adult education centre). Drew’s skill with a paintbrush is simply amazing. His realistic works are stunning with a level of detail rivalling that of a photograph, yet possessing an…

  • Inspired people – Tracy Woodsford

    Inspired people – Tracy Woodsford

    This week I am pleased to host an interview with Tracy Woodsford, an artist who has not only inspired me in my art, but introduced art to my sister, something I could not have done. This in turn has helped bring my sister, myself and my children closer – we have art parties! Tracy has…

  • Inspired people – Tracey Fletcher King

    Inspired people – Tracey Fletcher King

    This week we have the wonderfully engaging Tracey Fletcher King. Renowned for her energetic interpretations of everyday objects and, of course, her beloved tea in all its forms, Tracey adds life to everything she creates with her unique quick-witted style.

  • Inspired People – Ivana Pinaffo

    Inspired People – Ivana Pinaffo

    Artists are inspired people. But what makes them create what they create? What lights the fire that produces such wonderful work? Here are a few questions that will hopefully inspire some answers. I’m excited to post this, the first of the return of this series. And we have a fantastic inspired person under the spotlight…

  • Inspired people – Melissa Moss

    Inspired people – Melissa Moss

    I’d like to introduce you to the art of Melissa Moss. Beautiful, curious work, exploring colour and shape with an originality that caught me the moment I saw it. She has an uncanny ability to balance a composition while working with a kind of complex simplicity of design. One mark by Melissa Moss can mean…

  • Inspired People – Karin Zeller

    Inspired People – Karin Zeller

    This week I am excited to feature Karin Zeller. I stumbled across Karin’s work a few months back and instantly fell in love with her use of colour and vibrant subjects. I was stunned at both her skill in realism and abstract, and everything in between. Her work is a must see, so I’m really…

  • Inspired People – Keely Willoughby

    Inspired People – Keely Willoughby

    This week we have Keely Willoughby. I met Keely while I was in college, eighteen years ago. She was a close friend who inspired me with her colourful creations. Back then she was painting furniture psychedelic colours and she has always had a strength of character that I’ve admired. We lost contact with each other…

  • Inspired People – Peter Ahrens

    Inspired People – Peter Ahrens

    This week we have Peter Ahrens, a South Australian photographer with a gift for capturing the natural world. His images are instilled with a clarity that only enhances the emotions they radiate. Moments in time frozen to be repeated by all those who see them. Award winning beautiful work. I’m very happy to have him…