• All the kumihimo

    All the kumihimo

    Yesterday I spent the whole day playing with basic kumihimo. I spurred myself on wanting to see how each thread/yarn I had would look once braided up. Because I kept to only bracelet lengths, I was able to churn through quite a few. Of course, first I jumped into some more Cottage Garden Threads. But…

  • Finished last night

    Finished last night

    Finished this one last night 😁 Another bracelet created using @cottagegardenthreads beautiful hand-dyed embroidery thread 😁

  • More Kumihimo

    More Kumihimo

    Another kumihimo braided using gorgeous hand-dyed cotton from Cottage Garden Threads 😁 I am really inspired by these colours and the fact I have designed a decent pattern to work from and create a bracelet. Whatever the reason, I’m running with it 😁 Liz (Inspiration is fun)

  • Cottage Garden Threads

    Cottage Garden Threads

    Early this month I was sitting in the car waiting for Hubby. I was scrolling through the pretty yarn eye candy that is Instagram and came across a photo by Cottage Garden Threads. I was immediately excited. Because in amongst all the hand-dyed yarn goodies I was perusing, Cottage Garden Threads was offering hand-dyed embroidery…

  • Finished!


    Finished 😁 Hand-dyed 8ply Raspberry Crush by @yarnknotsbylily and @bendigowoollenmills 8ply Luxury Boysenberry and Cream, all 100% wool. Long enough to wrap and the warmest it can be 😁

  • New stamp

    New stamp

    Took my new stamp for a spin 😁

  • Swainsonia formosa

    Swainsonia formosa

    Prepping to create a stamp from an old drawing of mine. This sketch is that old it predates my Gumnut moniker… which is decades old.

  • Adventures in Bead Embroidery

    Adventures in Bead Embroidery

    Over the last year I have been working across my interests in a way to build a collection of works that can be released as a whole. The first collection is nearing completion , though I may have over bought materials because, well, glorious colours! During this time I have created a series of bead…

  • Welcome to my new website

    Welcome to my new website

    It was time to overhaul my old website as its infrastructure needed updating, so I took the opportunity to reinvent the whole site. This is still a work in progress and things are still a little clunky, but I wanted to open the ability to post regularly to my site before everything was 100%. So…

  • Perpetual Blooms

    Perpetual Blooms

    Some time ago I planned a series of small paintings with the theme of ‘Perpetual blooms’. At the time, I only painted one, but now several years later when I’m looking for an avenue to get back into my painting practise, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity.