A work-in-progress and some beads

Just a quick post for Paint Party Friday this week as there is not much brain left in my head.

This is my current major work-in-progress that has been sitting on my easel since March. I want to finish it, but it just hasn’t happened.

pelicans wip

There has been no art this week, but last night I managed to make a new bracelet in my Duo Flowers series and it has me all fired up to make more…if and when I can find the energy…work just keeps getting in the way!

J1791 – Desert Flowers – SOLD


J1837 Midnight Peacock – Available for sale


J1838 Faery Aurora – SOLD

I have created one for a commission in blues and I have several more lined up in a variety of colours. Some of my jewellery is available for sale in my shop (along with some of my art as well) and there will be more soon now that I have my new camera and hopefully some more time to photograph and upload, not to mention actually make more.

Now I’m going to go eat chocolate and read some no-brain-required fan fiction 😀

Don’t forget to drop by Paint Party Friday and check out all the art over there.

Art Always!

Best wishes,


10 responses to “A work-in-progress and some beads”

  1. I love those beads!

  2. Lovely beads. And wip looking good!

  3. Can’t wait to see it finished.

  4. That piece will wait and one day you will have all sorts of inspiration to finish it. If you are a beader (and obviously you are) you know not to rush the process. Your bracelets are gorgeous. Happy PPF

  5. the work in progress and the beads are so very very beautiful!!

  6. Oh your beads are adorable!! And btw. I know these guys so very well, they sitting on the easel and give me a bad feeling of have to finish them, but can´t for no reason, haha ♥ Conny http://piaromsartjournaling.blogspot.de

  7. wonderful jewelry and love to see that painting finished

  8. The WIP is coming along nicely and your beads are beautiful!

  9. those are absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to see that finished painting. Visiting from PPF. Oh, I’m having a HUGE Christmas Giveaway on my site, the giveaway closes midnight Sunday night pacific time. Here’s the link… http://justaddwatersilly.com/2017/11/21/christmas-giveaway/

  10. I find that if I love away from my mobile devices, computer and TVs, I am able to achieve a lot. We do not realise how much of our time get stolen by just reading a post, responding to a comment and checking up on our likes.
    Do away with those items on one weekend you will be amazed at your work progress.

    Nice work and design so far though.