Rainbow lorikeets

Rainbow Lorikeets are as common as mud here in South Australia. They are survivors. They’re a beautiful bird and I can remember as a kid being fascinated by them and my kids are the same, they are one of the first birds you notice growing up.

They can also be a challenge. They can gather in flocks of many and are aggressive to other birds. Where they have been introduced in Western Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand (recently, too, makes me want to slap some people) they have become almost immediate pests.

And they are loud. They are the only native species I have ever felt like throttling (it was 7am, I had a splitting headache and a whole flock of them landed outside my holiday cabin window in a tiny tree – concentrated squawkage!).

But they are beautiful and apparently native to the Adelaide area though definitely not in the numbers we see today. They certainly contribute to the ambient sounds of life here – check out anything I’ve filmed outside and it is guaranteed that you can hear them in the distance. I’ve been using them for photographic practise and plan to do some painting at some point (gotta get just the right photo first 😀 )

Rainbow Lorikeet
What you lookin’ at?

They eat mostly fruit and nectar and can be found clambering all over the nearest flowering eucalypt tree. Below they are clambering all over my red flowering gum (that flowers in pink ::rolls eyes:: )

rainbow lorikeets

They are very distinct from all the other parrots in Adelaide. There is a smaller lorikeet around, but their colouring is remarkably different.

rainbow lorikeet

And here is a 20 second video to give you an idea of the sounds and movements of this bird. I’ve uploaded it to Instagram if you can’t see it here for whatever reason. Apologies for the wobbly filming, I’m buying a tripod, I promise (along with the new camera ::sigh:: )


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11 responses to “Rainbow lorikeets”

  1. Hello, I have always loved the Lorikeets. Their rainbow of colors is beautiful.
    Gorgeous photos. I wish I could hear them too. Although I might not like them if they wake me up too early, lol.
    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thank you for hosting and providing a great spot to meet other people 😀

      I think I’ve given them a bit of a bad rap in this post. They are wonderful birds and a cornerstone of our environment here.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting 😀

      Best wishes,

  2. tomthebackroadstraveller Avatar

    …so Rainbow Lorikeets are as common as mud, they sure look exotic to me, colorful mud! Thanks so much,

    1. They are beautiful birds and I think I gave them a bit of a mean rap in my post.

      Thank you for dropping by 😀

      Best wishes,

  3. They are beautiful!
    But beauty is no excuse for being loud, obnoxious, and aggressive

    1. I have definitely given them a bad rap in this post. They are gorgeous birds and mostly wonderful. In forty odd years, they only ticked me off once and that was because I had a migraine at the time 😀 ( had one yesterday, so maybe I was grumpy 😀 )

      Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting 😀

      Best wishes,

  4. Gorgeous! As a Brit we don’t tend to have these kinds of birds, except in zoos and menageries. ? Love ’em. Even if they’re screech!

    Jo Hampshire UK

    1. Me, too 😀 I must have been grumpy yesterday as they aren’t bad at all. I’m kinda shocked that I sounded so whingy 😀

      Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting 😀

      Best wishes,

  5. Absolutely gorgeous birds! Lovely shots.

  6. They are such gorgeous birds! We have green parrots here in Florida that sound very similar in behavior, but not nearly as pretty as these. Just noticed you are on Instagram, I’ll be by to follow 🙂

  7. Catherine Avatar

    They are so bright!