More Dragons

This post continues on from my previous post about dragons.

The continuing part is the wonderful news that my latest dragon painting is finished!

Small change dragon
Small change dragon, acrylic on canvas, 560x380mm


And here are the in progress shots, which those of you who follow me on social media, will have seen higglety-pigglety over the last few months.

First up is the initial pencil sketch.

small change dragon

Traced down onto canvas and let the painting begin.

small change dragon 1

small change dragon 2

small change dragon 3

small change dragon 4

Small change dragon wip 5

Small change dragon wip 6

Small change dragon



Believe it or not I actually had a purpose to this painting (most of mine do, usually exploring to see what I can do). This was an exercise in colour theory, form and imagination. Despite it taking so long due to other work taking my time, I am enthusiastic to paint some more dragons. I’m also tending to consider some mermaid paintings. Fantasy art is something I’m quite excited to explore.

Oh, and even better? This painting sold before it came off my easel 😀 Many thanks to the wonderful people who support my art!

I’m also adding this to the wonderful group over at Paint Party Friday. Go over there and check out some of the fabulous artists!

Best wishes,


3 responses to “More Dragons”

  1. I love your dragon!!! The colors are awesome and it’s expression is precious! I always enjoy seeing how a piece comes together, thank you for sharing your process. Happy PPF! Rasz

    1. Thankyou, Rasz! I must admit, he turned into quite a character and I enjoyed playing with those colours as they are wonderfully opposite to each other.

      Happy PPF!

      Best wishes,

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