Big news!

So I haven’t updated here in months…why? Because I’m in the process of building a new website with lots of goodies and wizbang stuff.

And I’ve been busy…setting up shop! Yes, I have a brand new store on Etsy! You can find it here – Gumnut Inspired.

What am I selling? Well, the intention is to slowly add my paintings and things like cards and prints, but funnily enough I’ve started off with earrings. Bizarre, I know. Someone like me who has been painting all year, suddenly producing jewellery? But there is method in my madness, a little at least. The PaperBook earrings grew out of my butterfly painting mosaic explorations. The earrings are little books made from paper and paint, the paint being in those wonderful swirls of colour created by my butterfly paintings.

1709 Cobalt blush

1707 Golden red 5

1711 Ocean meadow 4

1712 Lagoon 1

1714 Angry heart 3

1705 Green dream 1

1702 Violet river

And I also have some cards available for sale.

sunflower scape2

Bloodlily scape

…which are prints of my art,

Anyways, I have a shop, and a way to get my art out there. Very exciting with lots more art to come. I hope to see you there.

Best wishes,