Art 2012

I’ve gathered together all the art I can declare completed for this year. Well, most of it. I left out most of my short sketches and included a couple of pieces that aren’t quite finished, but let’s face it, I’m not taking them any further.

[scrollGallery id=6]

So there are around 30 works here. Not a huge amount to show for an entire year and proof I really need to up my game (hence my joining of the Facebook group A Piece a Week – if you want to join me, head on over, we’d love to see you).

I have done so much more than this…in other words my studio is full of WIPs. I may do another gallery of those tonight, looking towards completing them in the new year. For example, right now, my active projects are Izzy’s Rainbow, painting some rocks, Squid, Fire series mixed media mosaicGreen Glow and a pastel portrait of my eldest daughter. And I have plans for at least four flower paintings to make up a series of cards (I have the first one printed and ready for sale, but I really need the other four designs to make it worth while).  I also have an idea for an exhibition that I would like to hold in about three years time, and I would like at least twenty sellable paintings for that so I really need to get moving to make this commercial.

I’m going to do this. I’m turning 40 in February. This is going to be my decade of art. I’ve got all the tools ready, I’m skilled enough, I can do this…except perhaps the selling part? Anyone want to be a commissioned sales person for my art? I am really bad at networking and selling.

But I’ll do this anyway. I will.

Happy new year to everyone. Here’s wishing you all a fantastic and arty time!

Best wishes,



2 responses to “Art 2012”

  1. All the best with your big plans! Can’t wait to see results

  2. wow fabulous Liz, you have been so productive this year. I have really enjoyed meeting and connecting with you sharing so much of the artistic way this year. I will enjoy continuing a little further along the path with you next year! Happy New Year! 😀