The squid report – making progress

Paint Party Friday

I’m a little early for Paint Party Friday this week, but it has been so long since I have reported in on my projects, any report is a good one 😀

Life has been busy of late, but there has been art. There have also been business developments, a piece of artwork I can’t share as I’ve submitted it to a competition, and various explorations in both bubblepainting and Pollock-esque paint delivery. More on those later, but now…The Squid Report!

Giant Squid wip6

The photo is not the best, but he has an eye! Still a few things to do, including, of course, the border. Some repairs to his left tentacles which I managed to stuff up a little in the light direction and I’ve started adding a surface glaze to his body for highlight. This has mica particles in it and may need another glaze on top. I also haven’t spread it all over his body as yet. Basically general fixerups and final glazing to be added plus the border. This photo seems awfully harsh in contrast, but also serves to help me identify problem areas.

Also, I have been dabbling with my latest mixed media mosaic over the weekend.

Fire and jewels mosaic wip3

This is turning into a truly mixed media mosaic and I’m having fun. Earlier photos of this piece can be found here.

In other news I have also started adding a gallery to this site. So far I only have my bubble paintings and portraits up there, but expect to see more added over the next few days. Please check it out.

Now I am off to feed the kiddies…before they destroy my studio 😀 I hope you are all having arty days…and oh, don’t forget to checkout all those fantabulous artists over at Paint Party Friday.

Best wishes,