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For quite some time now I have been admiring pen and watercolourists like Tracey Fletcher King and Blue Chair Diary Illustrations and their techniques of mixing these two wonderful media. I have never attempted watercolour and pen together before and since my watercolour experience is minimal, I tend to find that part of the equation quite scary.

I’ve had a series of small cartoons/paintings in mind for some time now. Life inspired quotes and the like which I can illustrate and use for those moments in life that require them. So at 3.30am this morning, I thought, to the hell with it, grabbed my waterproof pen and dragged out my neglected watercolour paints and had a go (It was early because I get insomnia and I made the mistake of falling asleep on my bed reading too early last night ).

So here is my first attempt.

Those who love you do your housework -Life inspired by Gumnut

I had to fight my bright is right inclination and spent the entire time terrified of overworking it. Switching from acrylics to watercolour is confusing process-wise because thou shalt not use white in watercolour or suffer the messy consequences if you really don’t know what you are doing.

I was quite proud of myself, however, in the fact that this is actually a page from my art journal. I drew the design, penned it and painted it all in one spot. No preparation or tracing or anything, just seat of my pants painting. At any time I could have completely screwed it up and it was nerve-wracking. I had to keep telling myself that it is okay to mess up, it didn’t matter. I did cheat slightly – when I finished the pen stage I scanned it into the computer so that if I did mess up the original, I could easily print off a copy of the outline and trace it down somewhere to try again. I can’t help it, my computer is my security blanket 😀

The quote is genuine Gumnut and was inspired by my beloved Husband who does that everyday. The man is wonderful – I’m a lousy housewife, and he does wonderful things for me. I know he loves me because he does my housework!

I’m submitting this for Sunday Sketches because I love Sunday Sketches. Don’t forget to visit the other artists in this great challenge, there is some fantastic art being created out there.

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19 responses to “Life inspired”

  1. I love this illustrations! It has me smiling!

    1. Thanks!

      And thanks for dropping by 😀


  2. This is awesome! What a a clever theme you’ve got going. And you are so lucky that you can get creative when you can’t sleep. All I ever do is read blogs and do online shopping.

    And also I love the colors you chose here, in particular the wash of blue-purple in the background. And the way I see it, scanning the sketch isn’t cheating. It’s just being careful. What’s wrong with that? I did that just to be on the safe side, with my last watercolor which is up on my blog now though I ended up not messing up the original fortunately.

  3. Lovely creation ~ how blessed you are ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  4. This is beautiful! You’ve done a wonderful job with it! I would love to draw like that.

  5. nice work with the watercolours, you’ve achieved a very strong colour scheme with it!

  6. I’m just getting into this ink and watercolor process now. You did a lovely job. I need to not be so serios and practice, like you did here! Nice!

  7. Great poster. Wonder if I put it up at my houses he’d get the hint? He’d probably see it as me being the one who he loves for doing his/our/the housework. I don’t think he sees it as his in anyway whatsoever. Boy did I create a monster out of him/spoil him. My bad 100%.
    Love the colors and lines of your drawing!

  8. such a wonderful piece
    love the quote too
    i love doing art that is done like you describe…. somehow it frees me up, oh well mistakes must be turned into something else 😉

  9. you’re husband sounds like a lovely man! I enjoyed your writing as much as your cute art this week!

  10. yay! This is fab! You should definitely do more 🙂

  11. haha! I need to print this and put it out where my family will see it. Love it!

  12. You did a great job – I really struggle with watercolor – I love how it looks but have a hard time with it. Lovely, whimsical painting.

  13. What a charming picture! YOU DID GOOOOD! It can be a scary thing…but you have succeeded. I started really small with the pen and ink then got bigger and bigger. Your hubby sounds great! Mine is good too. SO nice!! xoxo

  14. I love it… so glad you have taken the leap…. and I actually ignore the no white rule and add it in goauche at the end… rules are meant to be broken and all that… and don’t you love how immediate it is… so quick… think this will really suit how busy you are… hope to see many many more over the coming months!!!!

  15. ha ha ha so perfect1 I love it.
    I like painting without rules, too!

  16. great results… especiallly for your first time out. i love mixing lettering and sketching!

  17. Liz…this is wonderful. I love all of the bright colours. 🙂

  18. You are sooooo lucky! Very nice composition.