15 minutes a day – Create

15 Minutes a Day challenge

I did more than 15 minutes of course. It was a public holiday here today and Hubby was home so between the both of us we juggled the kids and necessary tasks. Also, because I wasn’t running around madcap all day, I actually had some energy to spare for my art. So, no pressure and damn any mistakes or wonkiness, I just did art.

Well, I suppose you could call it that.

CreateCreate, wax resist, acrylics, gel pen and a dash of soft pastel on illustration board, approx. 200 x 160 mm.

Weird, wonky, but done. Just sat and did it, no planning, very little thought, and no care for the consequences.

Also did some more work on my major exploration. This one is going to take ages because it has a long drying time.

15 minutes today…done.

(edge, off it, flying, trying)