Lesson – more experiments with watercolour pencils

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I did little more than fifteen minutes of art today. I didn’t time myself, so it could have been up to half an hour, but it was at least fifteen minutes.

The new challenge for Illustration Friday was released and this is the concept that came to mind.

LessonLesson, watercolour pencil on illustration board, approx. 180 x 160 mm.

I’ve left it purposefully rough and ready for impact. Apart from my Red Parrot Pea, this is the first time I’ve used my watercolour pencils to look like a watercolour painting. I felt quite brave adding the water and letting it drip down the page, a lack of control that goes completely against my grain (then it must be good for me :D) I’m thoroughly enjoying learning about my watercolour paints and pencils. They are less scary than I thought.

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(a topic far from my norm)

EDIT: Well, this is proof that this painting has failed. This is not an illustration of smog, industrial waste or anything due to environmental impact. Look closer, what do you see?


20 responses to “Lesson – more experiments with watercolour pencils”

  1. Love this..fabulous..quite an atmospheric piece..beautiful!!

  2. Oh what an emotional skyline image. Great use of watercolor pencils.

  3. Oh I really love this look. It’s a little eerie in a good way. Kind of scary looking. Makes you think about the atmosphere and what we breathe. Great job.

  4. How brilliant to be able to sketch this industrial scene in 15 mins, thats wonderful. Enjoy the weekend. Annette x

  5. This is a very powerful piece. The way the paint bleeds down the page. The monochrome simplicity

  6. Very powerful piece! And it looks good, too. Not that I think smog is attractive, but the very graphic negative shapes of the sky certainly are.

  7. wonderful to try something new. I love watercolor pencils and crayons.
    there is a strong industrial feeling to this.

  8. Marlene Avatar

    I think this is an amazing, high impact painting. When I first saw it I thought of a city covered by smog from industry and then I saw the twin towers, lessons to be learned either way you see it.

    1. Thankyou! This painting doesn’t seem to be working very well as most people are missing the 9/11 subject. Thankyou for working it out.

      (who obviously needed to add more detail)

  9. Very powerful image

  10. This is a very powerful piece. I love the style with the water dripping down. And I love your choice of color. Wonderful work!

  11. This is really a well done painting. Watercolor pencil are fun to work with. Well Done! 😉

  12. I think the colors and the choice of medium add to the power of this piece… very, very sad.

  13. Lovely, thoughtful & touching, it works well being in monotone too!!

  14. Wonderful work….Would really love to learn to do this kind of work. You did a beautiful job on depicting 9/11…sad but it happened and we must not forget!

  15. I like this skyline.

  16. Before I knew WHAT the subject was, I could tell that it was a very emotional piece- SO powerful. As I was reading the comments and saw that it was of 9/11, a chill ran up my spine. What an incredible piece- VERY thought provoking- and stunning….WOW.

  17. I love this piece – I also really admire your letting the paint control the piece as I would be the same as you. It totally worked in your favour as this is just fabulous!

  18. Lovely piece. Really powerful. Glad you stepped out of your comfort zone to experiment with this.

  19. Very powerful and almost an eerie choice with today’s “closure”.

    Your work is so fabulous – the water and pencil really worked well.