Illustration Friday – A bicycle in 15 minutes

Illustration Friday

It has been a while since I’ve attempted an Illustration Friday topic, and in the past all my entries have been paintings. But yesterday I needed a prompt to try something out, and I happened to remember that this week’s IF was bicycle. So we have bikes.

What I was interested in finding out was if I could do a completed piece of artwork in 15 minutes. From zero on the paper to completed. These were my results.


Influence by some of Dthaase‘s work recently, I decided to start with a simple continuous line effort. I set my kitchen timer to 15 minutes and let my pen rip.

I was finished within five minutes and found myself trying find things to add to it. I gave up at seven minutes.

So, maybe paint would slow me down (or at least give me a better piece of artwork).


Uh, no. This one took five minutes. I seemed to be stuck in sketch mode. I didn’t want to just sketch something in 15 minutes. I’ve done that many times before in life drawing class. I wanted to create something beyond a sketch. So I tried a cartoon.

Decked out bikeThis did take me 15 minutes. And it is still in pencil. I should trace it in pen to get a more final piece. But yes, a 15 minute artwork. I’m going to experiment more with a time limit, particularly 15 minutes as it is a nice number. As Melissa Dinwiddie says, 15 minutes a day to play in your creative sandbox is essential to health, wouldn’t it be great if I had a completed or nearly completed piece of work after that? My time is short, I need to make art faster.

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2 responses to “Illustration Friday – A bicycle in 15 minutes”

  1. fantabulous! ~ and thanks for the shout out ; )

  2. I think I’d be a lot happier if I could spend 15 minutes a day doing art. I try, but this is such a busy time of year. I wouldn’t be unhappy with these at all. They’re charming–at totally worth the time you spent on them.