Inspirations for May 2011

Squished by Real LifeIt is pretty hard not to notice my sudden absence this last month, something for which I apologise. It was a combination of an all family member illness, my return to my day job after a year’s absence, and the general impact of the change of routines.

However, I have pledged my efforts to this blog and am planning to return in full force in May. I have a pile of interviews lined up (many apologies to those interviewees who have had to wait over this period, it was unexpected and I hope to make amends as soon as possible), plus an idea for a new challenge that I think will be exciting, and, well, challenging 😀

Spectrum Square…we haven’t had our last colour! I will be posting that this Wednesday and hopefully we can share our completed Spectrum Squares a week or so after that. The Squares haven’t been forgotten, just delayed.

At this point I would be very interested in knowing what you would like to see on this blog. I’ve been presenting some regular segments here with mixed results. What are your thoughts on those? What do you prefer? What else would you like to see here? I really would like to present what you want to see, so please let me know and I’ll do my best to fulfill. Comment below.

Anyways, I hope to be back on board by 1st May, and with your help, we can art together.

Best wishes,
(also known as Liz – I’ll be uploading a new bio in the near future)


One response to “Inspirations for May 2011”

  1. Nice to see you back. As a busy Mom who works you do need to be easy on yourself. I’m looking forward to the final spectrum square color and your interviews.