Drawing Lab Challenge – Roll call

Drawing Lab Challenge

Just a quick call out to find out if anyone is still participating in this challenge. If you are and would like me to continue posting it, please comment to this post.

I’m rather behind on the challenges myself, so I need to know if anyone still would like to keep the challenge running.

Many thanks to those who have been joining in, it has been great fun.

Best wishes,
(having to choose my priorities)


3 responses to “Drawing Lab Challenge – Roll call”

  1. Oh dear, am I the only one responding? Here I was, thinking I was the only one behind, still excited to see the weekly choices and as excited to see the catch up week. Yup, I’m behind too, distracted by classes, life, my own personal projects etc. I do like the idea of the impetus behind this missive. I even look forward to what lesson you choose (I am sure I am not alone and that there are a multitude of shy artists nodding their heads in agreement here). Oh, let’s not abandon this yet, even if response has been….low or …non-existant. I agree, it has been great fun for me too and has really produced some drawings I am proud to call mine.

  2. Hi Nutty!

    As you may or may not have noticed, I am ridiculously behind on this challenge! I would love to continue and pick up a week here and there if you should choose to keep it going… it is a great idea afterall! I don’t think I can commit to every week at this time though…just catching up on friends blogs this evening is taking up most of my night! 😀 (I know, I could be drawing/painting but I’m missing everyone, lol!)
    Great job on the website btw, I really like the “tools and techniques” section (You inspired me to go out on the weekend and buy some glazing medium! Haven’t tried it yet but it’ll be a blog post I’m sure :))

    Hope you are doing well, it’s been a little while!
    Happy creating!

  3. I would like to join this challenge. Which chapter is up? and when> thanks.