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Whimsical Wednesday


Far, far out in space,
Where stars burn and comets race,
Is Planet Zog, a little place
With a tiny moon keeping pace…

Such is the bad piece of poetry that started the book I haven’t written about Splog and Blog.

Back in 2005, I was commissioned to do two murals for a library, both space themed for the children’s area. The first one was to go on a wall and was completed, despite delays due to my sudden illness at the time.

Library Mural

Discover, create, imagine, original graphic, hand drawn, scanned, and computer coloured,
final piece printed at approx. 7 x 1 m.

The second mural was to go on a set of cupboard doors, but it never made it to the drawing board and eventually the idea was scrapped.

But I did have some concept drawings worked up that have stuck with me for a long time, simply because I like them 😀

The library had just purchased some great kids stools in the shape of toadstools. Groovy little things that I decided to use for inspiration. After all the request was to give the children’s area a space theme, so I needed to tie in the toadstools with a space environment.

So were born Splog and Blog.

Splog and Blog

This single drawing has kept me inspired by them for six years. I keep thinking I need to do something with them. I started inventing a world  and drew up the buildings they lived in.

Splog and Blog buildings

And that is where the toadstools were tied in. The buildings were intended to become cities.

Splog and Blog City

And then there was the vehicle they zipped around in.

Splog and Blog vehicle

But I never managed to create a cohesive mural out of them. Thinking back I wonder what the problem was. But back then I was different and my creative inspiration was somewhat strangled by myself and circumstance.

So they were shoved into my sketchbook and left there.

Several times I’ve taken them out and looked at them. They are screaming to have a story written about them. I could write a children’s book or even create something for free for the library to give away to patrons. But they are still sitting there. So I thought I would share them for Whimsical Wednesday just so a few people get to see my cute little Splog and Blog and I can let them out of the dark for the day 😀

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6 responses to “Whimsical Wednesday – More concept drawings – Splog & Blog”

  1. Splog and Blog are fantastic! Love that Blog is cross-eyed, LOL. REALLY love those toadstool buildings. I’m so glad you brought them out of hiding.

  2. Karen S. Avatar

    These guys are just great….they spread happiness and great fun! Nicely put together too!

  3. Thanks for sharing – they brought a smile to their face with their appearances. 🙂 I especially like them whizzing around in their vehicle!

  4. what a fun post – love the creativity here – great to have you in the whimsical mix!

  5. Yes, before I finished reading, it was screaming “book.” You have such an amazing imagination. I love these characters. And Splog and Blog sounds like a great name for a blog.

  6. I just love these guys1 Your drawings are wonderful, so fresh!!!