Beware of the dangers of creativity

Gumnut Logic logoCreativity has been my life. I’ve only just recently surrendered to that fact, but despite my denials over the past thirty odd years, it has always crept up on me and taken over whatever project I’ve been working on.

This has been both an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantages are obvious, creativity added to anything can only really make it better, but it also had its downside. I had a dark period in my life where I basically fell into my creativity to escape reality.

::raises hand:: Hi, my name is Nutty and I’ve been a creativity addict. Read how I fell into my hole and then how I dug myself out again over at 365 Days of Genius.

(some times more nutty than others)


One response to “Beware of the dangers of creativity”

  1. I can think of worse holes to fall into!! Glad you have climbed out though x