Spectrum Square – Electric Lime and a new colour

Spectrum Square
So how did you go? Are there lots of electric lime artworks out there? I hope so 😀

To submit your work to the challenge, either upload your art to the brand new Spectrum Square Flickr group, or add a link in the comments section of this post. Then we can all bask in the glory of green 😀

For reference I have made a page on this website devoted specifically to Spectrum Square so we know where the guidelines are. You can find it in the menu bar under ‘Challenge Directory’. You can also find the colour wheel there for colour reference.

And now here is my effort for this week.

Green lightning

Green Lightning, Digital art, MyPaint.

I left mine totally to the last minute this week. It has been one of those weeks. Happy, happy to have a birthday, but it messes with the production line 😀 So about an hour ago I sat in front of the computer and thought, hey, why not dabble in digital. I haven’t done any pure digital art for quite some time (Deviant Art Muro lost me two almost complete works and it depressed me, hence the annoyed download of MyPaint in the hope I wouldn’t lose any more artwork). Tonight I didn’t know what I wanted to draw, do I just drew, playing and this is what happened (there was a tree in there, but the lightning and my lazy mood obliterated it :D). I was fiddling with graduated tone again. I’m not sure of the stability of the composition of this scribble, but I wanted to show you the whole work before I started cutting it up to satisfy my need for compositional balance.

Green Lightning excerpt

This cropped version is much more balanced, but I’m still not 100% happy….but then I rarely am.

So, this week’s main colour….

Ultramarine Violet


So your supporting colours are Violet -> Purple and Violet -> Blue.

Have at it!

(surprised she actually made a piece of art tonight)


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