My Creative Neighbourhood – Colour in abstract

My creative neighbourhood

This is where I look around at my fellow artists and highlight some of the wonderful things they’ve been up to recently. Anything that catches my eye, rattles my brain, or drops my jaw ends up here. Things I feel I need company in oggling at and admiring. If it’s here, it’s good.


It is only recently that I’ve come to value abstract art. Over the last year or so, I’ve found myself fascinated with creating marks on paper, card or board that don’t necessarily need to resemble anything, but have value in themselves for the effects they create.

A couple of weeks ago, I was drooling over Sally Trace’s website, oggling at all her wonderful marks on canvas when I came across this painting – In Contrast. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, there is a detail photo of the blue segment of the painting. I absolutely adore the effect she has created there. It speaks to me of the sea and shallow water. I love it and am seriously curious as to how she created it.

It has turned my artistic pursuits in the direction of abstract art. Through some of my acrylic experiments, I have been playing with different techniques and seeing what I can get the paint to do. Not much, I need more practise and research, but it is an extremely fascinating thing to explore.

So for this week, I’m going to share some of the fascinating abstract artists that have caught my eye during my abstract explorings. At the top of the list is Sally Trace, of course, but I have since discovered a few others that set me drooling too.

Please note: All the images in this post do not belong to me (except the ‘My Creative Neighbourhood’ icon above). Each image has been attributed to its author. Please visit their webpages to enjoy more of their wonderful work.

One of the major jaw droppers was David Dolan. I found him via You Tube, but I am unable to locate a website for his work. Apparently he uses the ‘chemical problems’ in paint to create this amazing work.


The next artist who grabbed my eye was Mark Chadwick.

Flowing Abstract Acrylic Painting

His paintings support an abundance of colour, focussing on some wonderful fluid effects (I wish I knew how to do that). I just love how the colours interact. He truly is one of my favourites.

I kept poking around looking at colourful abstract art and discovered a whole world of colourful work.

Color Harmony

This is beautiful, what appears to me to be digital, abstract art, by Oni. The colours are so vibrant and living!

Then I discovered Rein Nomm. he has a wonderful method of using watercolour on a fluid medium like water, painting a design that will only last seconds and photographing it. He manages some really interesting effects.


Of course, abstract art isn’t limited to fluid colour paintings  (even though I could gaze at them for ages :D). I also came across some different styled colourful work that I thought I should add here because I really liked it.

Thaneeya McArdle does some really unique work with what appears to me to be almost a zentangly kind of colourful art.


Definitely check out her website, and her realism paintings, wow, this girl has talent dripping out her ears (and leaping off her fingers, obviously). She also has a wonderful second site where she offers free information on how to create art – Art is fun.  It appears very extensive and is definitely worth a browse.

And there were others, but I think I’ll stop here and let you explore the above. They are all definitely worth a gander and I’m still poking around to see what else I can find.

(stoked on colour)


3 responses to “My Creative Neighbourhood – Colour in abstract”

  1. I love abstract art too and you have found a beautiful selection. Your love for colour really shows here too. Thanks for sharing what you found. Great way to find inspiration for your own work, I bet.

  2. Wow, some amazing, mind blowing stuff! So glad you decided to do this… great way for the rest of us to find some new artists! 🙂

  3. Thanks for writing an interesting article. I love the artwork you choose, look great. Keep it up.

    Gordan P. Junior I Abstract Artist