Acrylic experiments

Last week I played with some new acrylic paints my parents-in-law were kind enough to buy me for Christmas. I didn’t really paint anything, I did pure experimentation with a bunch of acrylic mediums. I had no idea what I was doing as I’ve only ever really used a retarder and nothing else in my paint and I was also using fluid acrylics, a type of acrylic I haven’t really used either.

So I played, and this is what I came up with.

Wet-on-wet flow medium unprimed board

This is wet on wet acrylic combined with a flow medium on unprimed illustration board. While it wasn’t exactly the effect I was looking for, I do think it does have possibilities. The only problem I encountered was unprimed illustration board and a lot of water equals bent illustration board. I ended up having to soak both sides of the board in water – something I could probably avoid with proper preparation or a different mount (funnily enough, studying art through the entirety of school and then doing  graphic design never quite taught me some of the basic technical aspects of fine art…I really should have gone to fine art school). I think this piece could be turned into a painting.


Wet-on-wet flow medium primed board

This one I wouldn’t have normally included as the result due to my poor preparation is pretty awful, but I did like the effect bar the bad priming and I will be investigating it further. This is the same as the above, but on primed illustration board. I know illustration board isn’t the best to use for this kind of thing, but it is what I had at hand. I think I will be investing in some proper board down the track.


Flow medium

This one also used flow medium, but I think I used it slightly differently. Less water, more paint and less evenly. I like the effect.


Marbling gel

This one uses marbling gel, but I don’t think I used it correctly. I like the effect anyway despite it looking just like paint brushed randomly.

There are a whole pile of swatches here sitting next to me from that afternoon of experimentation, and I also have a larger piece that I haven’t finished that may even turn itself into a painting. I had fun, learnt a few things, and  broke a few laws of chemistry as I managed to chemically disassemble some paint along the way. Physics was really wasted on me at school, I should have done chemistry, then I might have been able to use it for something like this.

(mad artist)


4 responses to “Acrylic experiments”

  1. The way the colors blend and seem to flow together are beautiful. I like the one using oranges a lot, with the marbling gel. The second one makes me think of a peacock’s tail fanning out throughout the space. I’ve never worked with acrylics before, or even seen much of them. Thank you for sharing your foray, and what a lovely present they were!

  2. I always enjoy your experiments!! Especially when you let the water work with your bright colors! Fun stuff!

  3. I really enjoyed the first and the third in particular. I’ve never worked with fluid acrylics, it looks like fun!

  4. hi, love your painting with acrylic how do you do this. I want to use canvases and wood.