CosmosCosmos, acrylic on illustration board scan and digitally altered, approx. 210 x 210 mm.

Another experiment, this time with digital art. The challenge this month over at Creative Every Day is ‘cosmos’ and I couldn’t leave a word like that alone. This is the result. I’m not 100% happy with it and I may make another attempt at a later date.

To create it, I first painted a background with the bubble technique I’ve been exploring recently.

Background for Cosmos painting

I then scanned it in, fiddled with the contrast, cropped it and started filling it with stars. It is basically a follow on from where ‘Dream‘ left off.

I’ve written up most of the method of how to create these kinds of backgrounds and will be posting it as soon as I can put it together with pictures.

(exploring a new way of working)


6 responses to “Cosmos”

  1. Wow. stunning work! I love how the figure in shadow makes the sky seem even more vast.

  2. Hey Gumnut
    Do you know Jan Pienkowski’s silhouette illustrations on marbled backgrounds? I have a copy of The Kingdom Under the Sea (follow this link to see the cover: You’ll be amazed. This one of yours is lovely, as usual.

    1. Wow, Gay, those are lovely. Thanks for pointing them out to me. Muchly inspirational 😀 and I might give something like that a go.

      Thanks for your lovely feedback.

      (finally getting a chance at the computer)

  3. Oh wow. This is gorgeous. The intensity of the colours and pockets of stars in the digital version is just mind blowing.

  4. Once again, I love it! Amazing work! Beautiful colour and the stars are perfect. I love the figure as well, it gives it that extra boost of energy and sense of vastness. Very cool! <3