Paper mosaic experiments

Motion, paper mosaic and acrylic, approx. 480 x 370 mm.

This is what happens when you experiment. You never quite know what you’re going to end up with. This one is slightly weird. I could have added more to it, but it had such a sense of motion to it that I stopped in case I spoilt it. It is also a lousy photograph. But I’m fairly happy with it. It keeps asking me for more colour variety, but I have no idea what to give it, so it stays as it is.

Can you see the movement?

(experimenting is fun )


3 responses to “Paper mosaic experiments”

  1. I find this very intriguing. There is definitely a feeling of motion and the dots add balance. Different colors would be distracting, I think. I get the feeling that you are building something and are not sure where it’s headed.

    1. Thanks, Kim 😀

      Yes, it was a very weird experiment. I got to this point and, as you say, I had no idea what to do next, so I left it.

      I do like it this way, despite the fact it is screaming for more and I have no idea what.

      Thanks for your lovely feedback.

      (if in doubt, put it down and step away :D)

  2. Really love this. Like the color, the movement and the airy impression. Well done!