What can you see? – painting experiments continued

Furthering on my experiments from here, here and here…what can you see?

I know what I can see and what I’m going to add to it as soon as I can, but I’m interested in what other artists might see.  This is the beauty of experimentation, you never quite know what is around the corner.

And thank you so much for all those wonderful people who commented on my last post. You certainly encouraged me and I am really excited about this new avenue I have found to play in. Exploring my art is just so much fun!



12 responses to “What can you see? – painting experiments continued”

  1. I see a couple of head and faces….

    How do you create this bubble-like effect, Nutty?

  2. This is stunning – is this an alcohol effect? The colors and textures are just such a pleasure to look at. I love how the deep blue fades into such light, dreamy colors.

  3. WrightStuff Avatar

    Well, there's definitely a face in there. In fact, the more I look, the more side profiles I see…

  4. Christie, Describe Happy Avatar
    Christie, Describe Happy

    I see a lion or a fish! These are so organic and free!! Can you share a bit on the technique you are using to have the paint do this? It looks fun to play with! Can't wait to see what you add!!

  5. Jenny Blair Avatar
    Jenny Blair

    This looks like so much fun! I love the colours and the contrast between the two….mmmmm what do I see… bubbles???!!
    Haha! Only joking! Actually I see a side profile of a head in there too….

  6. Dana Barbieri Avatar
    Dana Barbieri

    You are doing some great stuff Nutty! Love it!

  7. Anne Gaal Avatar

    Love the bubble effect! I kinda see a puppy face! But that's just me. Sorta like looking for shapes in the clouds …

  8. Well I do see the bubbles. And I love the bubbles and the colors you are getting.

  9. a hoard of mice like creatures with a girl emerging out of them with wide open eyes,then in the red is the head honcho creature with evil eyes looking on. 🙂

    cool bubble painting.

  10. Thanks so much to all of you for sharing your thoughts on this. I hope to have a recipe for this little experiment up here sometime in the near future.

    Christie, you won the lottery, it was a fish! – http://ffacets.blogspot.com/2010/12/painting-experiments-caught.html

    (dashing back to motherhood and typing in a hurry)

  11. Christie, Describe Happy Avatar
    Christie, Describe Happy

    Hehehe! won the lottery, you're funny! I look forward to your "recipe"

  12. I see a bears head in the right corner.
    i love the colors in this piece.