Tree silhouettes – Gungurru

Gungurru, pen on fineliner paper, approx. 150 x 180 mm.

A native of the Western Australian coast, the Gungurru Eucalypt (Eucalyptus caesia) is a beautiful weeping tree with silvery white stems, blue green leaves and bright pink hanging flowers. The specimen in my front garden is var. ‘Silver Princess’, so you can imagine the what prompted such a name.

Some piccies of the real thing.

I wanted to illustrate the gentle movement in its shape. I’m not sure if I have succeeded, but this is my attempt. I am certainly going to explore this subject furture, perhaps using different media.

(exploring black and white representations)


13 responses to “Tree silhouettes – Gungurru”

  1. Paula - Buenos Aires Avatar
    Paula – Buenos Aires

    The movement is the first thing I noticed. So graceful.

  2. i love the flowing branches, here….xo

  3. It's almost sacrilege to say it, but I think I like your rendition better than the real deal, at least from what I see in the pics to which you linked! I love your drawing — the tree just looks so expressive. I envision it in a story about a little mouse, or some other delicate creature.

  4. Tammy Vitale Avatar
    Tammy Vitale

    This is beautiful! It makes me immediately think of the Japanese masters – each line a story in itself.

  5. I really like this. It has a lovely, whispy feel to it. 🙂

  6. Judy Hartman Avatar
    Judy Hartman

    It looks a bit like Japanese calligraphy – very graceful!!

  7. Bobbi Lewin Avatar
    Bobbi Lewin

    You certainly succeeded with the movement. You can practically feel the wind through the branches:)

  8. I really like this, so lovely.

  9. WrightStuff Avatar

    It is a really beautiful specimen and so delicately drawn. Lovely 🙂

  10. Jenny Blair Avatar
    Jenny Blair

    Reminds me of the weeping willow we get here, very graceful and flowing in its movement. I love the name Gungurru! Rrrrolls off the tongue perfectly!
    ooh and your zentangle swirl from earlier is amazing…a fantastic dazzle to the eyes :)x

  11. This is really lovely. You definitely succeeded in conveying the movement!

  12. the style and line work on this is excellent

  13. very nice flow. looks like its a beautiful plant.