Sunday Sketches

The wonderful Kristin Dudish suggested I have a go at the Sunday Sketches Challenge.

So I dug out my sketch book and have some of my not so hot sketches to share. I promise in the future to actually do something constructive for this challenge.

I did scribble down Frenken Furter for the challenge, a little character that bombarded his way across my brain while I was designing a much more serious piece (that so far hasn’t seen the light of day). I’m not sure what he is or if I’ll ever do anything with him, but he was such a cheery fellow and cheeky at all the serious desing work happening in my head at the time that I thought I’d save him from my forgetfulness.

Hmm, I wonder if he is whimsey…

The other two pieces are currently listed as failures. I posted ‘Afterwards‘ a short while ago and mentioned that it was my second attempt at an answer to the challenge…this was the first. I could have worked at it and got it right, but I’ve done precise drawing before and this isn’t the field I really want to explore right now. So it sits unfinished in my sketchbook.

The expression on the baby’s face changes at the slightest move of a line. It’s kinda working, but not at its best. Also I have the baby at an awkward angle for the mother to hold.  The concept of ‘afterwards’ was after all the effort of birth there is that moment of peace for mum and bubs where they just stare at each other. Pfft, it will never be finished.

This one isn’t a sketch, but so far it is a lame work-in-progress – read ‘not working so needs to be beaten into shape or painted over’. I slapped this together today. The concept is evolving and not really working the way it should. Also, I suck at life drawing.

Now go visit some of the other peoples who have done way better than this.  There is some lovely work over there – Sunday Sketches.

(off to bed at a decent time)


23 responses to “Sunday Sketches”

  1. Brian Miller Avatar
    Brian Miller

    ha. i like your little character…i think he is whimsy and good job showing what you feel are your failures…i really like the color in the second one…i think it is the foreground hand that is out of proportion…not that you asked but…stay at it…

  2. Frenken Furter is a cutie, and yes very whimsical. The work you think is a failure is actually very good. There might be a few tweaks to be done but the work is wonderful, don't be so hard on yourself.

  3. Hi, great to see you at Sunday Sketches!
    Well, i actually think the last one is so cool. i love the concept of it. and the painting technique. love your little character franken furter, too…great motion!! xxoo

  4. Katerina Galati Avatar
    Katerina Galati

    Hello, it's great to see mr Frenken at Sunday sketches!! His smile shows a cheerful personality and seems like a good sportsman.
    I also like your last painting.
    Happy Sunday!!

  5. WrightStuff Avatar

    Yeah, don't be so tough on yourself! Frank is rather a cutie I must say – in fact, he's one hot dog!

  6. I thing Frenken Furter is rather fun. He has a very silly personality.

    I am loving your sketch of the baby. The expression is great.

  7. Hello and welcome to Sunday Sketches! 🙂 Your little sketches are quite whimsical, with that HAPPY feeling to them. Love them. I love how you shared your other sketches, what's working and what's not. Bold of you, but shows you want to keep growing in your art. Love that. 🙂

  8. Diana Evans Avatar
    Diana Evans

    oh these are so cute and I love the faces on your characters!!! wonderful work

  9. soooo cute! And we see you didnt get too much done this week – wow another productive artist!

  10. B @ Sweet Limes Avatar
    B @ Sweet Limes

    Your character's ears are too cute, how they just sort of stick out. Amazed at the sketch of the baby though, how delicate and sweet.

  11. Frencken is definitely whimsical!!

    What a beautiful baby!

    Gumnut, you are so hard on yourself. That acrylic is fabulous, as was the last. This one is very dream-like and the colours make it especially effective.

  12. Great pieces! I love the last painting! The lighting is great and the brush strokes give it a fantastic atmosphere, like it is a memory.

  13. Mlissabeth Avatar

    I agree with the others who say you are too hard on yourself. You keep inspiring me with your sketches and paintings. Thanks for being bold and posting.

  14. Wow, what a bunch of great stuff, love your little character, the baby sketch is great and your painting is really cool.

  15. I like your characters and think they have a lot of whimsy in them. Also, good start with the blue painting. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

  16. ah, such a wonderful variety to enjoy. Your whimsical characters are really fun!

  17. I love Franen Furter – hilarious…great post

  18. Nice work. I really like what you've done with the baby and your sweet Frenken Furter.

    (And I wouldn't consider your painting a failure at all!).

  19. I think that you found some great pieces. Franken Furter has so much personality!

  20. Well, they are all great! I especially love the baby!

  21. I love Freken Furter! He is adorable as is the baby. And that painting that you have posted is very cool.

  22. Character is cute :), the babies face has a really good expression…And the painting… I think is finished 🙂 it is really good. You really captured something with the stippled(?) effect and all.

  23. Kristin Dudish Avatar
    Kristin Dudish

    Yay! I'm so glad you joined in the fun 🙂

    I have fallen in love with Freken Furter – it doesn't get more whimsical than a jump ropin' cocktail wienie! (that is what he reminds me of! hee hee – do they have those where you are?!?)

    (I also agree that you are waaay too hard on yourself… I think that painting is great – I love the technique and colors!)