Challenge list

I have no art to post, but since I’m up at 3am, I thought I’d knock up a list of the challenges I am currently involved in as my little brain is starting to lose track of them. Also, anyone else like to join me in tackling them, jump in 😀

Creative Every Day
Art Every Day Month
Drawing Lab Challenge
Creative Tuesday
Whimsical Wednesday
The Little Art Club (a new one I just discovered a moment ago, looks interesting)
Illustration Friday
Inspiration Avenue

I haven’t participated in all of these as yet, but I have them in mind and check them to see if they inspire something. Most have which is always a good thing 😀

Anyone have any other challenges they could recommend me? After all, no one can have too many points of inspiration and I’m often slow to get in with the latest goss 😀

(considering bed at 4.30am)


3 responses to “Challenge list”

  1. Kara aka Mother Henna Avatar
    Kara aka Mother Henna

    Isn't the Drawing Lab book incredibly fun!!! I've been playing around with it off and on for the last month. I'm thinking about taking the cat I came up with in one of the early exercises and doing a full canvas from it. We'll see… thanks for sharing all the challenges you are doing — I totally forgot to get over to Whimsical Weds and share yesterday!

  2. Kristin Dudish Avatar
    Kristin Dudish

    Such fun! (Thanks for the link to the Little Art Club – it does look interesting!)

    I posted my results to this week's Drawing Lab challenge today:

    If you're looking for another (low stress) challenge, you should check out Sunday Sketches hosted by Sophia at the Blue Chair Diary blog… it's a great group of very supportive people over there!


  3. Hmm…Krisitn, I might give it a go, though I admit that I will have to do something special just for that challenge because I'm not really sketching anything at the moment. Everything I have has gone straight up on this blog. I'm doing a lot of non-prepped work and I'm loving it.

    Hmm…what to draw…

    (who wants to do a painting this weekend too)