Wind sculpted trees

More Art Every Day Month 😀

These were done in the last hour or so of the day today. The rest of the day was spent being mother and napping to catch up the sleep I was missing from last night when Izzy was sick (she’s okay now, touch wood).

But anyways, I was really happy with ‘Wind’, particularly how the image managed to move due to the patterns I used in the bark and leaves. So I thought I would try again. I wasn’t aiming for wind this time, but other impressions.

Survivor, pen on fineliner paper, approx. 200 x 150 mm.

Survivor was first, and I’m not sure it does as well as it could, though it definitely has a feeling. Not one hundred percent sure what feeling. Perhaps when I look at it fresh tomorrow it will make more sense. I find staring at a piece for too long, when working, distorts my impression and I have to leave it awhile and come back to assess it correctly.

Stunted, pen on fineliner paper, approx. 140 x 100 mm.

I was really happy with the pattern I developed for the bark of this one. I’m finding that I’m getting better at translating the feeling in my head to the paper. Not always successful, but my hit rate is improving, and this one worked for the bark at least.

This is one of those trees you’ll find struggling for life at the top of a cliff, half beaten to death, but managing to still survive. Their twisted forms are fascinating and I hope to explore them more. nature loves to sculpt.

Both of these started as zentangles. I’m not sure they still qualify, but I’m going to call them that anyway.

Aaah, art. I feel so much better once I’ve created something. It can turn a bad day into a good one the moment a piece is completed.

(thank you so much for all your wonderful comments on my art, they mean so much to me, you feed my brush, my pen, and my inspiration)


15 responses to “Wind sculpted trees”

  1. Like you I find a creative splurge makes me feel better.

    Great pen work – some excellent effects. And I love trees! I'm always happy to draw/photograph/ write about them myself and see other people's tree inspired art.

    Glad Izzy feels better.

    Kat 🙂

  2. dandelionlady Avatar

    I like both of them. The feeling I get from the first one is that of a moment of stillness. I don't know why, but it seems to me like the wind is just about to stop blowing, for just a moment. There's an anticipation of rest.

  3. Jenny Blair Avatar
    Jenny Blair

    I agree with Dandelionlady, a wee lull in the wind, the slight pause between breathing out…..and then in again….aaah, bliss!
    Beautiful trees nutty! And thankYOU for all YOUR wonderful words of support and encouragement. 🙂

  4. I think your trees are lovely.

  5. Paula - Buenos Aires Avatar
    Paula – Buenos Aires

    Cool flow of movement!

  6. Chris Zydel Avatar
    Chris Zydel

    These trees are definitely ALIVE!!!

  7. The patterns and feeling of movement is great. I had to stop and "blink" as they almost move on the page. Nicely done.

    By the way, if I had remembered how mean that old woman in the shoe was, I wouldn't have made her house so cute!!! Hee Hee.

  8. While this page was loading and I saw your Survivor tree, it's love at first sight 🙂

    Love your drawings. I thought of the word 'defiance' for the first one and although I definitely feel the wind blowing, I also agree with the feeling of pausing moment too.

  9. GlitterGoddess Avatar

    These trees remind me of the vegetation you see driving from Perth to Geraldton. The bushes and trees grow virutlaly parallel to the ground due to the prevailing (very strong!) winds off the Indian Ocean. Very evocative and bring back memories of living and travelling in Western Australia. Mo (waving madly from mid-north NSW coast to Adelaide, lol)

  10. I'm not sure that I can explain how much I love these! The strokes and flow to these are incredible, and I think I could stare at them for ages. I love the shape of the leaves and the marks on the trunks. Just gorgeous.

  11. I always loved pen & Ink drawings. There's just something so solid and basic about them. Yours are great. I am partial to trees anyway!

  12. fantastic line work – great illos

  13. Wonderful trees. Great movement! You are so talented Gumnut!

  14. Oh, wow, thank you all sooo much. With your comments, you've helped me discover new aspects of these pieces and I can see even more in them now.

    DandelionLady, you've given the first work more value than I had initially given it by explaining it to me 😀 You summed up what I couldn't put together in my head.

    And GlitterGoddess, you hit the nail right on the head. If you check here – – you'll find the first tree doodle I did that started all this, and that was inspired by that drive between Perth and Geraldton. I've gawked at those trees and they inspired me (and I'm sure I'm not the only one :D).

    You are all so kind to me. I have another tree in the works and plans for more. You're feeding my pen 😀

    (up at 3am, so I have a chance at the computer :D)

  15. Mlissabeth Avatar

    I would like to borrow the Survivor tree for a poem I am inspired to write. The first lines are this:

    I AM this tree.
    I still stand,
    Against the wind,
    and shifting sand….

    I am a survivor of two cancers, and am fighting Multiple Sclerosis. I lived in a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, for a year as a child, and this tree reminds me of the "Apostles" along the "Great Ocean Road" from Adelaide to Melbourne.

    And, I crochet, and participate in AEDM. Nice to meet you.