Drawing lab Challenge #5 results – Herbert

‘Somehow he felt different after visiting the art gallery.’
Herbert, pen on bleedproof paper, approx. 210 x 150 mm.
Just a quick post as my youngest daughter is not well at the moment (upset tummy, nothing major except for the fact she is only 7 months old) and I need to be with her.
I left mine to the last minute this week, only slapping it together a few hours ago. I also added an extra leg. It was fun and I would have done more if I hadn’t left it to the last minute.
How did you all go?
(dash, dash)


7 responses to “Drawing lab Challenge #5 results – Herbert”

  1. The Bodhi Chicklet Avatar
    The Bodhi Chicklet

    This is great! I did a bit of doodling on one of mine too, but I got a little (ahem) carried away with the watercolors yesterday. I'm going to post mine later, I had one that turned out well, I think. Healing wishes coming your way…

  2. Christie, Describe Happy Avatar
    Christie, Describe Happy

    I really like this! The eyes, the angle, the pattern in the tail. How the little one feels better soon!

  3. ha – love it…very fun

  4. I think this is super fun!

    I hope your daughter is feeling better soon!

  5. Love your doodle! Hope your little one is better.

  6. I have got up some mornings and looked like that!!!

    How creative ~~ Could picture the Art Gallery.

  7. Thanks everyone. Izzy is back to her usual happy self. Thanks for your kind wishes and support.

    (hungry at 3am)