Drawing Lab Challenge #2

Get that mind’s eye working…

This is the second challenge post for the Drawing Lab Challenge. Grab your copy of ‘Drawing lab for mixed media artists: 52 creative exercises to make drawing fun‘ and join us as we tackle the book together. Details of the challenge and joining can be found here.

This week the challenge is…

Lab 26 (Page 74).

I’m really excited to see the results from this one. Let your imagination run wild!

Have at it!



3 responses to “Drawing Lab Challenge #2”

  1. Maike Bohlen Avatar
    Maike Bohlen

    Fine, gunmut,

    i just discovered your challenge and i love the book. But we are off for holiday for 2 weeks, so i'll participate a little later. Especially looking forward to the lessons 38 (sidewalk crackings) and 48 (traveloguing), but please, wait for me!


  2. Kristin Dudish Avatar
    Kristin Dudish

    Yay! Yay! Yay!

    This one is perfect for the Halloween mood I'm in!

    Hooray!!! (If you couldn't already tell, I like this pick. hee hee)


  3. The Bodhi Chicklet Avatar
    The Bodhi Chicklet

    Oh yeah! One-eyed monsters, my specialty! I see one every morning when I get up!