Resources for the Drawing Lab Challenge

Here is a list of resources available to the Drawing Lab challenge participants.

  • Me (though you will have to share me with my two young daughters and Hubby)
  • My blog, Fractals & Facets, here. Ping me anytime. This is where the challenges will be issued on Fridays, and also where I will throw up a ‘Ta Da’ post Thursday nights so we can share links to our accomplishments.
  • The Drawing Lab Flickr group. Created by Carla Sonheim, herself, and a great place to share our Drawing Lab work.
  • The new Drawing Lab Yahoo group. Suggested by one of our challengers, I set it up today. This is a challengers only place we can discuss the projects and get to know each other. Drop in and say Hi.
  • And, of course, there is the book itself. It is a mine of information and inspiration.

For a little eye candy, here are some piccies from my photo library that that might help this week’s challenge.

Hmm, I’m sensing a theme here.

(who doesn’t own a cat, so takes piccies of her friends’ moggies)