The Creative Color Challenge #3 – Turquoise

By Moonlight, 420mm x 230mm, Soft pastel & charcoal on black pastel paper

I had decided on this subject before the challenge had even been announced. I had been watching a David Attenborough documentary and thought fish might be an interesting topic to play with as scales can be mesmerising (and time consuming, though they can be worth it), so when ‘Turquoise’ was announced, I was beside myself with excitement.

Unfortunately, this week has been one of sleeplessness due to my children and I haven’t been very on the ball. Fortunately it was a simple design and I managed to execute the majority of it today (there is a total of about three hours work max here). It’s a bit of a rush job, but at least I finished it on time.

It is not a subject I am very familiar with so the painting was new ground for me and I’m mostly happy how it turned out.  I love how pastels lend themselves to brilliant colour and wonderful blending.  I love colours blending into each other, particularly tones of the same colour as above.  Also, apart from some quick glances at some photos of the sun underwater, all this came straight from my brain and was constructed with logic (this is something new to me and during these challenges, I’ve been really excited to be daring enough to try to go out on my own without stockshots to work from).

I’m happy 😀

(with blue pastel fingers on her keyboard)


2 responses to “The Creative Color Challenge #3 – Turquoise”

  1. Jenny Blair Avatar
    Jenny Blair

    Absolutely stunning piece! David Attenborough would be proud 🙂

  2. Thanks!