Artful Creations Daily Blog Hop – Day 1

Artful Creations

Creativity has been thin on the ground today, unless you include cooking and housework in the equation. I did write a blog post this morning, so technically that could count, but other than that all I have managed is a hunt for a stockshot. Not a good start to a daily creativity challenge.

Blood Lily

However that stockshot hunt is in the right direction for my art. The image you see above is of a piece of art I completed around a year and a half ago. Soft pastel on black pastel paper, Bloodlily is a drawing of a lily that doesn’t really exist. I made it up, colour-wise at least, but I’ve always liked it. The colour combinations are quite striking, so when I was looking for a piece of my art to use for some greeting cards, this is the work I chose. I now have a pile of cards beside my desk waiting to be sold.

However, there is a slight problem. I only have one design, and that is quite hard to market. So I need to turn this image into a series. I’m planning on completing four more artworks, themed flowers, themed in particular colours – this one red, then yellow, green, blue and purple. Then as cards they will compliment each other on display.

I also have other plans for some cards, but these are my first and they require a considerable outlay to create stock, so I’m hesitant to create too many without proof of their sale potential.

So today after spending a good part of it houseworking, cooking  and time with family, I sat down here and went looking for the green edition inspirational photos. I’ve chosen a hellebore for the subject and I found  enough information about the structure of the flower to create my own version of it. In luschious greens, whites and black.

I’m of two minds of whether to do it in pastel. I probably should since the first was done in that medium and I don’t currently have any pastel works in progress….oops that is a lie, what am I saying? I have at least three portraits in pastel lined up waiting, one of which is sitting half done and collecting dust on my drying table. Umm, yeah, uh, well, I’m thinking the hellebore won’t take that long and will use an entirely different colour palette 😀

Bloodlily cards

So there you have it. Not much actual work done, but there has been planning and thinking while the housework was getting done. Tomorrow I’ll be at my day job, so again I will likely be cramming my art into the last five minutes of the day…but there will be creativity, even if it is only microscopic.

Off to blog hop for a little while before bed.

Best wishes,


6 responses to “Artful Creations Daily Blog Hop – Day 1”

  1. awesome Liz, look forward to seeing the evolution of the series 🙂

  2. I love your lily, Liz! As I’m new to marketing art, I never thought about having a series instead of singletons. Great tip! I’m looking forward to seeing more flowers and other things you’ll be up to this month. Happy new year!

  3. judymojoart Avatar

    very nice work. i want to reach out and touch it!! it looks like velvet!

  4. These are very beautiful, Liz, and a lot of work has gone into this production. Bravo for your accomplishments! You go, girl!

  5. I love the lily. Lol! I too will be doing lots of last minute art. But art is art <3 Happy New Year!

  6. Regan tomlin Avatar
    Regan tomlin

    The cards are beautiful, and I think the series is a brilliant idea! I, too, am working on creating some series this year, with the intention of creating a nice body of work so I can start approaching galleries. I cannot wait to see what else you come up with!